What is Reiki Tummo?

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Reiki consists of two Japanese words: Rei and Ki. Rei means universal and Ki, also referred to as Chi, means vital energy. So, Reiki means vital energy from the universe. Akmost all of the Reiki traditions taught today are based on the Usui tradition. This Usui tradition was rediscovered by Master Mikao Usui (1865 - 1926) from Japan in 1914 after 21 days of continuous meditation. Reiki Tummo is not a tradition based on another Reiki tradition. Reiki Tummo was founded by Grand Master, Irmansyah Effendi when his Kundalini flowed fully to his crown chakra. This achievement opens the cosmic stage and brings him to meet many spiritual teachers non-physically. He realised that Reiki Tummo will be beneficial for many people and started sharing and teaching Reiki Tummo in Indonesia to the public in 1998.The opposite of what you might think, learning Reiki Tummo is not about becoming a good healer. On the contrary, in Reiki Tummo we learn that True Source, our Divine Source is and will always be the best healer. As you learn to connect to your heart and be attuned to the Divine Energy, you will have the wonderful chance to become as an instrument to let True Source Blessings work through you.By practicing Reiki Tummo not only can you expect to be able to channel Divine energy to heal yourself and others, to be healthier, to have more peace, calmness, happiness and joy in your daily life, but also to progress spiritually by the way of the heart that is to be closer to our Divine Source.

What is Kundalini? (Tummo is Tibetan for kundalini)

For those of you who know about Kundalini (Tummo), it is a very powerful yet dormant energy within all humans and it must be practiced with extremely serious dedication and a great deal of care as its power could overwhelm the practitioner. Kundalini is important for spiritual growth because while the Reiki attunement will cleanse you from the top down, Kundalini will help accelerate the cleansing process from bottom up.However, in Reiki Tummo, you will experience a safe, instant and blissful Kundalini awakening. This is done by opening and cleansing the Sushumna (The energy passage which the Kundalini flows through) in the first level as well as other supporting techniques to prepare a passageway for the Kundalini energy. Over 30,000 alumni (even those who previously experienced Kundalini Syndrome) all over the world are living proofs of this wonder. As your Kundalini awakens, you will feel a warm sensation throughout your body and cleansing of the physical and non-physical body will begin. (Including physical illness, trauma, emotions etc.)