Open Heart

Our heart is our centre of feeling and love, and represents who we truly are. By contrast, our head is the centre of thinking and the centre of ego.

A truly fulfilled life is one that's filled with love, joy and gratitude. Although the brain is essential in helping to perform our daily tasks, without being able to listen to your heart and follow your heart you can never be really happy.

Many people already know the heart is important and much has been said about it through books, music and in movies. Although you have heard about the heart, how well do you really know your heart and how to listen to your heart in daily life?

Why open your heart?

Understanding that your heart is your centre of feeling and where you experience real happiness is so important for your quality of life. By learning how to open and listen to your heart you can utilise your heart's spiritual intelligence which guides you to make wise choices, thereby supporting you to be successful and happy on all levels of life.

Steps to open and listen to your heart

Learning how to open your heart and listen to your heart requires no special talent, effort or ability. Anyone can do it by following some simple exercises that take a few minutes:

How to feel your heart. Recognise the differences between thoughts from the brain and feelings from the heart.

Strengthening your heart and feeling. By using a simple exercise so you can strengthen and feel your heart more easily.

Opening your heart. This is a more long-term goal and can be achieved with Open Heart Meditation and the Strengthen Heart Exercise.